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All-round methods convoy work safety in Zhangjiagang

Every June is National Work Safety Month in China. Zhangjiagang municipal bureau of water resources has offered various tips to help employers make the most of the month and ensure their employees stay safe at work.

Employees from the Zhangjiagang water conservancy department learn about work safety at a local education training center. [Photo/zjgxw.com]

Safety training

The afternoon of June 13 saw some 80 staff members from the local water conservancy department benefit from a work safety training session.

Delivered by Hu Jingsong, an expert in work safety, the training integrated several typical accidents with related laws and technical standards, giving the employees an impressive explanation of dos and don'ts during work.

They also visited the local work safety education training center, where they were shown a variety of emergency rescue skills, including how to climb scaffolds, use fire escape ropes, and carry out cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.

A promotion on water safety at the Qing'an campus of Xudong School on June 8 explained to students the risks of swimming in rivers and lakes. [Photo/zjgxw.com]

Safety promotion

Water safety education should start from a young age, as a related promotion was carried out at the Qing'an campus of Xudong School on June 8.

To address the youngsters' biggest concern, the promotion focused on swimming in rivers and lakes, a popular activity during summer.

Volunteers briefed the students about the various potential risks if swimming in waterways, introduced them to a variety of self-rescue methods, and encouraged them to have fun in formal swimming pools and water parks.

Two security officers from local construction companies check safety at a construction site on June 27. [Photo/zjgxw.com]

Safety check

A competition to find potential safety risks got underway at a local flood control project on June 27, attracting the participation of dozens of security officers from 10 construction companies.

The competition saw officers actively checking the project for safety risks and suggesting preventative measures.

Two officers from the Yonglian Construction Group took first place and won recognition from local officials.

"Workplace safety is everyone's business," said Chen Xingming, deputy chief of the Zhangjiagang water conservancy bureau. "The simplest things can make a huge difference when preventing accidents."