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Zhangjiagang :
Flourishing city wooes high-end talents

An official from Zhangjiagang in Jiangsu province talks with a participating talent at the parallel session of the venture week for international elites in Suzhou on July 11. [Photo/zjgxw.com]

Venture week for international elites in Suzhou opened on July 11 with a parallel session looking at Zhangjiagang, a flourishing satellite city.

An enticing extra offered by the local government since 2009, the session attracted the attention of more than 1,400 elites at home and abroad, attracted some 400 doctoral and master students and put into practice 405 projects in the fields of high-end equipment manufacturing, electronic information, new materials, new energy, biological medicine and modern agriculture.

Moreover, Zhangjiagang is always striving to develop a more open and encouraging living and working environment for top talents.

Aside from its strength in educational and medical resources, the port city now boasts customized and preferential policies that greatly attract entrepreneurs, including Wang Duan, an experienced electronic equipment businessman who has worked for a Silicon company for eight years.

"We have had our appeals answered from the very beginning — streamlining complicated procedures, getting financial support and renting decent offices," said the entrepreneur of his initial days starting up his own business.

Wang is even more delighted at having drawn his business map in and around Zhangjiagang, as the port city now enjoys unprecedented traffic access to surrounding economic powers. Commuting between Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi and Nantong takes less than an hour, and this will be cut to half an hour after the Hutong Railway is brought to full operation in 2019.

"We will always adhere to the principle of putting start-ups first, and strive hard to develop a more friendly living, working and business environment," said Zhu Lifan, secretary of the municipal Party committee of Zhangjiagang.