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Zhangjiagang :
Local routine immunizations win recognition from international experts

Experts from the World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discover Zhangjiagang's immunization process, Jiangsu province, June 22. [Photo/zjgxw.com]

A panel of five experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention visited Zhangjiagang in Jiangsu province on June 22 and 23 to discover the city's routine immunization progress.

With an introduction to Zhangjiagang's routine immunization reporting, the panel visited several local community health service centers, where they gained insight into the actual practice of disease prevention and vaccination as well as the employment of cold-chain methods in transporting and preserving vaccines.

At Nanfeng town's Zhenfeng community, experts visited 196 families and conducted a general study of 30 children six or under. Results displayed an immunization coverage rate of 100 percent.

Carolina Danovaro, a specialist from WHO with expertise in epidemiology and public health, expressed admiration of Zhangjiagang's routine process of immunization.

"The city's striving efforts in prevention and vaccination work is quite inspiring and worth learning," Danovaro said.

Roberta Pastore, also from WHO, spoke highly of the sound information system which helped Zhangjiagang's routine immunization work to continue effectively and efficiently.

"To further success, the city may focus on its vaccine related cases, as well as regularly checking the implementation of prevention and vaccination work in various schools," Pastore suggested.

Zhangjiagang has led Jiangsu province in smart immunization work since 2012. The city now boasts real-time monitoring of cold-chain vaccine temperatures and inoculation sites. A freezer employed in 2013 further boosted the city’s tech-smart progress, enhancing the punctuality and safety of vaccinations.