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Zhangjiagang :
Youth competes for innovative and entrepreneurial honors in Zhangjiagang

Yu Haoyuan, a fourth grade student from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, shows his colored ink program at the competition on Aug 2. He started his business last year and has established his own laboratory and factory while building up cooperation with many famous brands. [Photo by Ji Chunpeng/Xinhua]

An innovation and entrepreneurship competition for youths living in Jiangsu province and surrounding areas ended in the southeastern city of Zhangjiagang on Aug 3.

The four-day event saw more than 300 teams engaging in specific competitive areas including modern agriculture, rural e-commerce, and internet and mobile applications.

A total of 10 first, 30 second and 67 third prizes were awarded, sharing 1.16 million yuan ($172,675) in prizemoney. Eight teams were also awarded for their excellent organization and team work.

Zhangjiagang teams successfully caught the attention of the judges and audience, especially Tao Xianbo, an electronics engineering postgraduate from Columbia University in the US. He won first place with his biosensor chips, which can improve fingerprint recognition technology applied in mobile phones.

The winning teams will represent Jiangsu and continue to show their excellence at the national innovation and entrepreneurship finals later this year.

Aside from the fruitful results, the competition also saw 16 programs achieve initial financing intentions, among which 10 will be based in Zhangjiagang.

A business owner introduces her innovation program to a judge on Aug 2. [Photo by Ji Chunpeng/Xinhua]

A member of a startup team at Yangzhou University explains the school's innovation and entrepreneurship space. [Photo by Ji Chunpeng/Xinhua]

Officers from the Zhangjiagang tax bureau brief business owners about preferential taxation policies. [Photo by Ji Chunpeng/Xinhua]