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Zhangjiagang :
Zhangjiagang in photos: Dec 2-14

Leaves from centuries-old gingko trees inside the grounds of Shuangxing Temple in Daxing Town turn a golden-yellow color in late autumn. As the wind blows, these tiny golden fans flutter in the cool sky. On Dec 2, Children play under the golden trees, leaving them to unforgettable childhood memories. [Photo /Zhangjiagang Daily]

The Fourth Boxing King Tournament kicks off at Zhangjiagang Stadium on Dec 8. sixteen professional boxers from China, Russia, Belgium, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, and Belarus presented eight fierce battles. Han Qiaosheng, the renowned CCTV host and Liang Xiaolong, famous Hong Kong kung fu superstar also attended the tournament. [Photo /Zhangjiagang Daily]

Yangshe Town held a community sports meeting to welcome the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Dec 9. More than 300 athletes from 15 communities take part in the event. Tug-of-war, rope skipping, and drumming help enhance the friendship, enrich culture and sporting lives among the communities. A ping-pong match is being pictured in the photo above. [Photo /Zhangjiagang Daily]

A couple poses for a photo in front of a special flower-decorated wall at Suzhou jiangnan agricultural culture park in Nanfeng Town on Dec 10. [Photo/ Zhangjiagang Daily]

Residents wrap the coat and walks in the chilly wind on Changan Lu in the downtown on Dec 11 as the outdoor temperature drops to 4 degree Celsius in the city. [Photo/ Zhangjiagang Daily]

Aerial photographs of Liangfeng Ecological Park attract a group of sanitation workers who want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of their hometown on Dec 11. [Photo/ Zhangjiagang Daily]

The opening ceremony of Zhangjiagang volunteer photography training course was held at Zhangjiagang Senior High School on Dec 13. 30 photography enthusiasts get together to learn more about photography. [Photo/ Zhangjiagang Daily]

Zhangjiagang launches the first branch of fiber optic broadband demonstration villages during the opening ceremony held at Zhangjiagang Guomao Hotel on Dec 14. 12 villages in Zhangjiagang city such as Changjiang, Gaoqiao, and Lixiang get awarded with the title of fiber optic broadband demonstration village. [Photo/ Zhangjiagang Daily]