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Zhangjiagang :
Glossy guidebook launched to attract tourists

The tourist bureau in Zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu province recently released a guidebook, Zhangjiagang Impression, to promote the image of the city. [Photo from WeChat account online1]

The port city of Zhangjiagang in Jiangsu province, located on the lower reaches of Yangtze River, has long enjoyed a pleasant climate, abundant resources, and beautiful scenery.

Now the city is looking to raise its profile and appeal to more visitors, as the local tourist bureau has recently released a glossy new guidebook –– the Zhangjiagang Impression.

Featuring colorful photographs and interesting articles, the book consists of several chapters, such as attractions, culture, history, food, entertainment and services, providing comprehensive information to people who are going to tour the port city, as well bringing back memories for those who have visited Zhangjiagang.

The book provides comprehensive information to tourists, including on attractions, culture, history, food, entertainment and services. [Photo from WeChat account online1]

The hand-drawn illustrations depicting the scenery and culture of the port city are highlights of the book, as sketches have become popular among young people in China in recent years, with creative drawings often going viral on social media.

Currently around 10,000 books have been sold, and tourists can get one at local Xinhua bookstores, scenic spots, hotels, and online bookstores.

The book features many eye-catching illustrations. [Photo from WeChat account zjgonline1]