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Zhangjiagang’s first historical and cultural works contest concludes

The first “City Memory” historical and cultural works contest closed in Zhangjiagang recently. A total of 50 works were selected as award winners, including two outstanding winners, five first-prize winners, 17 second-prize winners and 26 third-prize winners.

The contest, a joint initiative of the Zhangjiagang municipal archives, Zhangjiagang urban construction archive, Zhangjiagang Daily, and Zhangjiagang Federation of Literary and Art Circles, was launched in August 2013.

By the end of 2013, the contest had attracted 8,583 submissions from the city’s celebrities, old cadres, writers and artists, and collectors. The entries mainly consisted of historical records, old pictures, historical works, local cultural works, intangible cultural works and files of famous people.