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Zhangjiagang :
The rambling old streets of Zhangjiagang

A city's old streets often reveal its history as well as its memories. The ancient buildings rise up, some with a jaunty lean, above narrow winding lanes and pathways, revealing a glimpse of generations past by.

A corner of Luyuan Old Street. [Photo/zjgonline.com.cn]

Hongji Bridge at Luyuan Old Street. [Photo/zjgonline.com.cn]

Stretching from Xinlu Road in the east to Hongwei River in the west, Luyuan Street has existed for nearly 600 years. The great arch of Hongji Bridge straddles the river.

Dian'an Old Street. [Photo/zjgonline.com.cn]

Located in Jinfeng town of Zhangjiagang, Dian'an Old Street's stone surface has been rubbed smooth over the course of countless years. The neighboring Yigan River, runs gracefully as the tide rises in the afternoon.

Houcheng Old Street. [Photo/zjgonline.com.cn]

Houcheng Old Street used to be a bustling bazaar 100 years ago, filled with shops and merchants selling food and daily items. It currently lays deserted awaiting redevelopment.

A snapshot of Leyu Old Street from 2013 and the present day. [Photo/zjgonline.com.cn]

Leyu Old Street was built in 1933 by wealthy local man Zhang Jianlu. Nowadays it is a business street lined with many covered store fronts on both sides. The cyan-colored stone walkway, wooden pillars and black bricks exhibits the classic architectural style of the Republic of China (1912-1949).

Tianzhuang Old Street. [Photo/zjgonline.com.cn]

Tianzhuang Old Street has a long history dating back to the Ming Dynasty (AD 1368-1644). The revetment, arched bridge, small alleys and stone roads form a vintage landscape, often seen in ancient water towns. The old Anjing River flows across the lanes.

Jincun Old Street. [Photo/zjgonline.com.cn]

Jincun village in Zhangjiagang has preserved the sites of its old street, pavilion, bridge, port and garden through its 600 years history. In recent times an artificial lake and field have brought added beauty to the area.

Yangshe Old Street. [Photo/zjgonline.com.cn]

Scattered about Yangshe Old Street there are ancient opera stages, tower buildings and music fountains. In the evening the pleasant street lights up, turning the clock back to the Ming and Qing dynasties.

The Walking Street. [Photo/zjgonline.com.cn]

For 30 years the Walking Street, has seen Zhangjiagang grow from a small river town into a large modern city. The prosperous commercial street is an excellent place for shopping, dining and entertainment.

The Gourmet Street. [Photo/zjgonline.com.cn]

To the east of the Walking Street, over Qinglong Bridge, is the famous Gourmet Street. Different varieties of foods are on offer along the street, from local specialties to Japanese, Korean and Western delights. There are also many quaint cafes and tea houses in the area.

Danan Water Street. [Photo/zjgonline.com.cn]

Danan Water Street is a commercial street in Shazhou town of Zhangjiagang. Divided into two parts by the Danan River, the street features a modern Chinese architectural style. Narrow bridges, flowing water, white walls and cyan bricks portray the iconic picture of traditional Suzhou gardens.

Jiyang Lake Commercial Street. [Photo/zjgonline.com.cn]

Lying to the north of Jiyang Lake Wetland, the Jiyang Lake Commercial Street has no building taller than three storeys. The buildings integrate both the traditional water town style with white walls and cyan bricks, and modern architectural elements including glass curtain walls and aluminum sheets.

So far, a movie theater, a bar, several restaurants and various entertainment projects have settled in the street. In the future, the commercial street will connect with other local scenic spots to form a branded tourism sightseeing area.