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Zhangjiagang :
Existing industrial foundation

Metallurgical industry

The metallurgical industry is the pillar industry of Zhangjiagang. It is home to many competitive enterprises and a great number of metal product companies. An industrial system and industrial process chain ranging from primary products to highly processed products has taken initial shape here.

Chemical industry

Zhangjiagang plans to form three major chemical manufacturing bases, including the Yangtze River international industrial zone, Dongsha, and the Feixiang industrial zone. It has already formed industrial chains for organosilicon, engineering plastics, resin emulsion paint, surface active agents, electronic chemicals and lithium batteries.

Electromechanical industry

The electromechanical industry in Zhangjiagang has comprehensive equipment for the metallurgy and coal chemical industry, as well as an industrial boiler, nuclear power equipment and hoisting equipment. Many well-known electromechanical industrial enterprises are located here.

Textile industry

Zhangjiagang has over 400 textile enterprises. It forms a comprehensive and wide-ranging industrial pattern. Fanghua Group and Aoyang Group, located in Zhangjiagang, are leading enterprises in the textile industry in China.

Food industry

Zhangjiagang has 12 food enterprises. Its main products are refined edible vegetable oil, mixed feed, flour, rice, chocolate, dairy products, candy, beer, rice wine and beverages.