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Zhangjiagang :
New breakthrough Made in Science and Technology by the Port City in 2017

Ⅰ. Comprehensive competence improved continuously

The research input of the whole society accounted for 2.8% of the GDP, ranking first among all counties (cities) of Suzhou. The output of high and new technology industry took up 23% of the total of the industries above the designated size, with the growth rate standing top among all counties (cities) and districts of Suzhou. 99.35% of large and medium-sized industrial enterprises and high and new technology enterprises had their own R&D institutions, leading the counties (cities) and districts of Suzhou. There were 75 newly founded high and new technology enterprises and 221 programs approved by technology and talent programs of the superior governments, gaining RMB 71.8659 million of project funding of the superior governments. In particular, the first national award was won in national key R & D program. As a participator, Aviation Science and Technology Company won the Second Prize of the National Award for Technological Invention.

Ⅱ. One Enterprise and One Institute Construction Orderly Carried out

Jiangsu Institute of Metallurgical Technology was unveiled and went into operation, with the construction of its core institution completed, and the first batch of contracts in R&D programs singed, winning the award of “Suzhou Advanced R&D Institutes”. Honeywell UOP China R&D and Engineering Centre was launched in Zhangjiagang. Zhangjiagang Institute of Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, finished the registration of legal person of public institutions, with its main structure construction started. Huachang Functional New Materials Institute of Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics had finished construction and went into operation. Zhangjiagang Industrial Center of National Key Laboratory of High-Quality Special Steel Metallurgy and Preparation of Shanghai University completed registration of legal person of public institutions, with its structure construction plan under improvement. The construction plan of textile platform has been determined.

Ⅲ. The Number of Talents Taking the Lead Continuously

There were 4 more experts on the National Special Support Plan for High-Level Talents and 12 more persons on Jiangsu Provincial Plan of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents, sharing the first place with Kunshan among all counties (cities) of Suzhou. 24 persons were newly added on the “Gusu Plan” of Suzhou, with 126.32% of the annual target completed. The cumulative number of the candidates for both Jiangsu Provincial Plan of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents and the “Gusu Plan of Suzhou” ranked first among all counties and cities of Suzhou.

Ⅳ. Effective Results Made in Intellectual Property Rights

In the latest assessment of the national demonstration cities of intellectual property rights, Zhangjiagang ranked first among all county-level cities of the country. Meanwhile, as the only county-level city of the Province, it was selected as the national pilot city of strategic advancement of intellectual property rights project of small and medium-sized enterprises. The number of patents owned by every ten thousand people reached 36.2, with 106.83% of the annual target achieved.

Ⅴ. Collaborative Innovation Deepened Continuously

It was the first to publish “Administrative Measures of Pre-research Fund of Industry-University-Research Cooperation” in Jiangsu, and “Zhangjiagang General Information Platform of Industry-University-Research Cooperation” is about to come into service. An agreement was signed on the co-construction of “Zhangjiagang-Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences International Joint Innovation Centre”, which would be the first county-level International Joint Innovation Centre in Jiangsu. There were three pairs of newly established city-university cooperative relationships, two deepening cooperative relationships and 45 collaborative bodies of government-industry-university-research of various types. There were 220 new industry-university-research cooperation programs, 33 new international scientific and technological cooperation programs, increasing 110% respectively. Over the half year since the tenth group of science and technology town chiefs took temporary post, they had made over 200 investigations and surveys, found out 160 pieces of effective technological demand and solved 40 technological difficulties for the enterprises.

Ⅵ. Innovation Atmosphere Getting Stronger

The 11th “Technology and Talents Week” was held successfully. During the period, there were 9 academicians present, 15 agreements signed and 515 cooperative programs negotiated. It was the first time to hold China Automobile Technology Transfer Conference, on which there were 20 leading automobile companies, 100 top experts and 30 startup programs, providing a high-quality platform for the automobile industry development of the City. 6 maker spaces which are above Suzhou Municipal Level were newly added in the City.