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Zhangjiagang :
Introduction to Zhangjiagang

Zhangjiagang, a port city, is crowned an eco-city and a national civility city. It is inhabited by 1.255 million residents, among which 926,500 is registered population. Over the past years, with the care, concern and support of higher authorities and all walks of life, including stationed armies, Zhangjiagang kept pace with the times, carried forward the spirit of Zhangjiagang, unswervingly implemented structural adjustment, promoted industrial upgrading and encouraged innovative development, and new progress has been made in various undertakings.

First, our comprehensive strength has maintained in the forefront. Our local GDP and public budgetary revenue maintained top three among the county-level cities of the province. In 2016, our local GDP registered 230 billion yuan and public budgetary revenue was 19 billion yuan. There are two state-level development zones and over 1,000 industrial enterprises over a designated size which generated a total output value of over 450 billion yuan.

Second, the industrial structural adjustment and upgrading has presented sound momentum. The output value of emerging industries accounted for 44.4% of that of industrial enterprises over a designated size, and the value-added of the service industry, 46% of the GDP. The investment in R&D accounted for 2.7% of the GDP. Zhangjiagang has been crowned a city for scientific and technological advancement of China for seven consecutive years. It has been appraised as an IPR demonstration city of China. There are 18 listed companies and 60 businesses listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations.

Third, progress has been made in urban utility development. The urbanized rate has reached 66%. In 2016, per capita disposable income of urban residents was 44,800. The Shanghai-Nantong Railway and the Cross-the Yangtze River Bridge is being advanced according to schedule. The plan for building an inter-city railway along the Yangtze River is in the phase of argumentation. The port cargo transport expressway has been built up and open to traffic. The preliminary work on improvement of the -12.5-meter water channel of Funan Water Channel is in full swing. The outward transportation advantages and the pattern of integrating into domestic and international opening up of Zhangjiagang will be further shaped and improved in future.

Fourth, greater progress has been made in ecological development compared with other cities. Zhangjiagang is one of China’s earliest cities of sanitation, the first model city for environmental protection of China, one of China’s earliest ecological cities, and a pilot city for ecological progress of China. It has been awarded the first “Award for Ecological Progress of China”. Huangsipu Ecological Park started construction. A group of ecological projects, including Jiyang Lake, Shazhou Lake, Shuangshan Mountain and Xiangshan Mountain, have become shining points of the city.

Fifth, Zhangjiagang’s status as a city of civility has been on a continuous rise. The spirit of Zhangjiagang, which is the soul of the city, has been advocated and put into practice with the times in recent years. Zhangjiagang has been crowned the National City of Civility for four consecutive years and the National Double Support Model City for six consecutive years. There is one citizen who has been entitled the National Moral Model, one nominee of the title of the National Moral Model, four citizens who have been entitled Jiangsu Moral Model, and 22 citizens who have been shortlisted into the list of “Moral People of China”.

In the new year, we will closely follow the decisions and plans of the 11th CPC Zhangjiagang Congress and the 2nd plenary session of the 11th CPC Zhangjiagang Committee, prioritize the theme of “finishing building a society of initial prosperity in all respects at a higher level through promoting innovation-driven development and improving people’s wellbeing”, further implement the Five Development Concepts, keep pace with the times to carry forward the spirit of Zhangjiagang, focus on structural adjustment as well as innovation-driven, green and cultural development, and make efforts to maintain in the forefront during the process of finishing building a society of initial prosperity in all respects at a higher level and of building a new Jiangsu featured by a strong economy, affluent people, a beautiful environment and enhanced public civility.