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Zhangjiagang :
Bian Dongfang, Vice Mayor

Being responsible for the routine work of Zhangjiagang Government, and supervise the work of Zhangjiagang Government Office, Government Research Office, development plan, economic restructuring, service industry, major projects, monitoring, land and resources, state-owned assets management, statistics, taxation, finance, power supply, legal system, publicity of government affairs, administrative affairs, government services(public resource transactions), services for the convenience of the public; and assisting in the work of supervising financing, institutional regimentation and audit; being a governing contact for Zhangjiagang State Administration of Taxation, Zhangjiagang Local Taxation Bureau, Zhangjiagang Power Supply Company, Zhangjiagang sub-branch of the People's Bank, Zhangjiagang Banking Regulatory Office, supervising Branch of various finance institutions.