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Zhangjiagang :
Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone

Zhangjiagang is a beautiful and spiritually youthful port industrial city in South of Jiangsu and it gets the name from inland international port "Zhangjiagang Port".

Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone was established in October, 1992 upon the approval of the State Council. It is the only Free Trade Zone at the inland river port and the only one located at country ports, with planning area of 4.1 square kilometers. Its functions encompass export processing, bonded warehouse, international trade and commodity Exhibition. Zhangjiagang Bonded Logistics Park was established in 2004 approved by the State Council with a planned area of 1.53 square kilometers, which is the largest Zone-Port linkage Bonded Logistics Park, with more excellent functional characteristics of free trade zone of bonded zone. The main functions: international transfer, international procurement, entrecote trade, international distribution and delivery.

In May 2001, Jiangsu Yangtze River International Chemical Industrial Park was established upon the approval of People's Government of Jiangsu Province, with planning area of 24 square kilometers. It is an accessory zone for Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone and is entitled to the preferential policies of the Free Trade Zone.The Development orientation is fine chemicals, bio-medicine, engineering plastics and other industries. In 2010, it was granted "National Ecological Demonstration Zone" by the State Environmental Protection Administration, and is China’s pilot circular economy industrial park. Eleven out of top twenty of World chemical industry have occupied the park and became one of China's important specialized fine chemical parks.

The regional integration between Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone and Zhangjiagang Bonded Logistics Zone was approved by the State Council in 2008. Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone is successfully submitted the application as a Free Trade Zone, which is China's closest international free trade port zone.

In the same year, the adjustment of administrative system was implemented in the Free Trade Zone and Jingang County, which proceed to the combination in the light of unified planning and management, economical development, organizational personal, power of examination and approval, financial settlement and public affairs. So far the administrative scope with planning area of 4.1 square kilometers in 1992 has expended to 147 square kilometers in Jingang District. The diversified development pattern of the Zone has been shaped, comprised of the Free Trade Zone, the International Chemical Park of Yangtze River, the New Material Industrial Park, the Recycled Resources Industrial Park, the Industrial Equipment Park, new town of Binjiang and the Shuangshan and Xiangshan Tourism Zone.

At the end of 2010, the park has introduced various types of enterprises 4919, the world's top five hundred 26, with registered foreign capital $ 5.2 billion USD, actually utilizing foreign investment $ 3.3 billion USD, GDP1194.9 billion Yuan, the import and export trade volume $ 51 billion USD.