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Tangqiao town

Tangqiao town adjacent Sutong Yangtze River bridge, south along the Yangtze River Highway, west of Xitong Expressway and Suyuzhang Road, north of the Yangtze River golden waterway, National highway 204 straight through north and south, highway 338 across the East and West, Hutong railway, TongSuJia intercity railway,and Yaniiangintercity railway,the three railway interchange here, and a hub site, currently ,the Hutong railway is under construction. The total area of the town is 94.4 square kilometers, with a total population of nearly 200 thousand people, including 90 thousand household registration population, under the jurisdiction of 2 offices, 4 neighborhood committees and 14 village committees.

Tangqiao town has a long history, outstanding cultural heritage. The territory ofTangqiao has Caidun\Xujiawan etc.neolithic ruins,has the Ming Dynasty architecture, Xiaojia\Hongji bridge etc.historical heritage; The north of the tangqiao town 's ancient Huang Si Pu is a piece of auspicious land, the Tang Dynasty monk Jian Zhen successfully arrived in Japan from here;the late Qing Dynasty’s “Tan Hua“(number three in national civil examinations, in feudal China) Pang Zhonglu;contemporary water expert Zhang Guangdou; former vice chairman of CPPCC QianChangzhao and other celebrities sages born in Tangqiao.

Tangqiao town, economic base, industrial structure is becoming more rational. In 2016, the town achieved a GDP of 16 billion 450 million yuan, completed the above scale industrial output value of 27 billion 500 million yuan, fixed assets investment of 4 billion 265 million yuan, warehousing revenue of 1 billion 609 million yuan, the public budget revenue of 899 million yuan. Tangqiao town industrial development is one of the birthplace of South of Jiangsu industry of villages and towns, the town of existing more than 1500 industrial enterprises, hasLukang and Yinhe 2 listed andSuoernew energy companies etc. 7 new three board listed companies. at present, new energy, new materials, modern services industry is gradually growing; textile, electronics, machinery, metal manufacturing and other traditional industries is acceleratingupgrading;among ,the textile industry accounted for about 50% of the total, built a large textile industry cluster, textile town China sweater. In 2010 approved the "Jiangsu Zhangjiagang new energy industrial park”, 2016, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the SND group, to buildSND (Zhangjiagang) energy saving and environmental protection high-tech Innovation Park ; at present, the town is accelerating the development and construction of the new city, the next stage, the town will also focus on the construction of high-speed rail metro, accelerated to make every effort to promote the integration of city and town and Suzhou Lansheng group Kant New Technology Industrial Park project, and strive to build the eastern city of Zhangjiagang metro.

Tangqiao town, the level of urbanizationis higher, the coordinated development of social undertakings. Combining with the "Zhangjiagang East Group" and railway hub construction development orientation, "according to the requirements of" compliance, has prepared a special planning of the new city, old town, industrial park and agricultural demonstration zone, the function more perfect layout. In recent years, relying on the construction of key projects in our town, orderly farmers demolition, in recent years, the cumulative removal (move) moved to more than 5000 households, a total of 8 planned centralized resettlement areas, resettlement housing built nearly 1 million 500 thousand square meters, 110 thousand square meters under construction, the living environment has been further optimized; the infrastructure is becoming more perfect, existing 3 cultural centers, 4 hospitals, 15 schools in the region; habitat quality continues to improve, build “three star” Healthy Village 9, to create a beautiful village in Suzhou Province demonstration 2, has won the "national beautiful environment town", "National Health town", "China Habitat Environment Award" title, the successful implementation of the "four consecutive championships, the national civilized town"; within the domain of the people live and work in peace, the village resources reached a total of 117 million yuan, the village was nearly 7 million yuan, of which 5 villages of more than 10 million yuan, the establishment of farmers Professional cooperative economic organization in 25, farmers per capita net income of more than 30 thousand yuan.