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Zhangjiagang :
Nanfeng Town

Nanfeng Town is located in the northeast of Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China. It stands on the south bank of China’s “golden waterway”---Yangtze River. It is surrounded by Shanghai to the east, Suzhou to the south, Wuxi to the west and Nantong to the north. No. 204 National Road passes through the town, and the Shanghai-Nantong Railway is under construction. It takes 10 minutes to reach S38 Highway and Wuxi-Nantong Highway, 20 minutes to reach Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone---the only inland river bonded zone in China.

Nanfeng Town covers an area of 62.49 square kilometers with 1 sub-district office, 12 administrative villages, 4 community committees and a population of 78,773. It has won “National Health Town”, “National Ecological Town”, “National Small Garden Town”, “Charming Watery Town of Jiangsu Province”, “Innovative Pilot Town of Jiangsu Province” and other honorary titles. Yonglian Village is one of the largest, the most populous and the most comprehensive strength administrative villages in Southern Jiangsu. It is the “No.1 Steel Village of China”, also has been awarded “National Civilized Village” and “National Charm and Leisure Village”. In the year of 2016, Nanfeng Town realized 43.216 billion yuan of industrial invoiced sales revenues, 1.22 billion yuan of storage tax, 643 million yuan of public budget revenues and 11.566 billion yuan of regional GDP. It also invested 4.865 billion yuan in fixed assets. There are 867 enterprises in Nanfeng Town. The total industrial output value of these enterprises was 35.376 billion yuan (among which, the industrial enterprises above designated size had 34.605 billion yuan of industrial output value). Nanfeng Town’s total amount of import and export was 1.768 billion USD, among which the amount of export was 968 million USD. The total government revenue was 1.259 billion yuan. Nanfeng Town successfully built the “Civilization Town of Jiangsu Province”, and was awarded the “Civilization Township Model of Zhangjiagang City” for the sixth time.

Since the 13th Five-year Plan, with the goal of building a strong, rich and beautiful town, Nanfeng pays more attention to the quality and connotation of development. It adheres to transformation development and innovative development. The development results are shared by people. Industries are concentrated, and have preliminarily formed Metallurgical New Material Industrial Park, Precision Electromechanical Park, Dongsha Logistics Park, Modern Agriculture Park and other industrial layout. The population concentrates in the town, forming “1 town centre+ 1 Yonglian small town" model under the urbanization framework. The public service facilities are improved. Living in the community, the rule of law and morality is actively promoted, the community service is socialized. The community is harmonious and stable; residents live and work in peace and contentment.

At present, Nanfeng Town follows the four paths of “transformation, innovation, green-development and civilization”, actively adapt to the new trend of economic and social development, and focus on the transformation of “traditional industry, chemical industrial park and port economy”. Nanfeng Town emphasizes the leadership of civilization, focuses on people's livelihood, grasps the key of innovation, and adheres to strict protection. It actively explores its own development characteristics, and works hard to build a new modern town in Southern Jiangsu. It will continue to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects.